Our Customers

The Frosty Freez is so much more than an eatery. It is the heart of the town's social scene, a great place to work, a place to meet family and friends, and a home away from home for many. What makes the Frosty Freez so special? Some say the food, some say the owners, some say the staff. We say The Customers are what makes the Freez such a special place.

Read what some of the “regulars” are saying about the Frosty Freez and what it means to them.

“The Frosty Freez to me has been a main stay for Big Timber. Every little town needs a “greasy spoon restaurant” where the food is good, the employees are accommodating, friendly and will stop and chat. Kitty and Jay Deen have donated food, coffee, staples time and again to the Volunteer Fire Department, and if there is a death in the community, they are on your door step with food. What an asset the Frosty Freez has been to this community. Personally, I can’t imagine being without it. Thank you Kitty, Jay Deen and all of your dependable employees for the past 25 years of good food, lots of laughs and great hospitality.”

Sandy Thomas ~ Favorite meal: Thursday special: vegetable soup with a wedge of cheese and a roll

If the Frosty Freez didn’t exist, “I would be lost twice a day. I met my wife, Michelle, here. It is the best place in town to socialize with friends and family.”

Dwayne Wood ~ Favorite meal: Double cheeseburger

“I’ve been a patron since 1981. I’ve watched generations grow up here. I’ve made friends here. The Frosty Freez and all its staff is deeply involved with our community. The owners raised their families here and helped many others over the years by providing jobs for children, mothers, wives, young men and women in the community. From the cradle to the grave, I’ve personally witnessed the wonderful compassion, sensitivity and sacrifice of all the Frosty Freez staff and owners during good times and bad. Fire season or holidays, burials or births, these people are here for us, and they serve with grace, good will and humor to all equally. [Frosty Freez] is family to me.”

Kathy Crayne ~ Eats breakfast here once or twice a week

“The Freez is a very special place. It’s like the old time general store. It’s the heart of our town. The bonus is that the food is great!”

Marilyn Raisland ~ Favorite meal: Chicken fried steak

“I met my husband here. I was waitressing here, and my co-workers, Donna and Arlene, tried to fix me up with their younger brother, Steven. I said ‘under no circumstances!’ But when Steven came in to eat, he asked about me. We started flirting and were married two years later!”

Autumn Glasgow-Myrstol ~ Favorite meal: Fish ‘n’ chips with jojos

“My friend wanted to pay for our meal, and one of the women found out it was our 63rd wedding anniversary. She paid for our meal, and I’ve never forgotten it.”

LaVern ~ From Livingston, eats here every week

“Both my sons loved the Frosty. They would stop for a snack before they came home for dinner. We could always count on a smile and some fun conversation no matter what time of day or night we came."

Marie Cowen ~ Favorite meal: Patty melt

“The waitresses at the Frosty Freeze are the main draw for the restaurant. They always remember you, are friendly and know your name. The food is very good, always has hot French fries, and everything is always fresh. It’s a great place to eat, and the prices are good!”

Joanne Shipley ~ Eats here every Saturday

“When my mom was dying, my sister and I went to the Freez to eat a bite, and Kitty wouldn’t let us pay! Every once in a while, she bought Carl and I our lunch to show her appreciation for our business, which was something extra special. We always felt welcome and loved when we were there."

Sharon Mosness ~ Favorite meal: Chicken strip dinner

“The Frosty Freez is where I meet my friends at coffee time and take my wife for quick meals. When it closes, I’m pretty lost. Something significant was when I went to the Freez and recognized an old Navy buddy from Iowa that I hadn’t seen for 40 years.”

Paul Westervelt ~ Eats here four or five times a week

“The Frosty Freez means seeing my family, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, aunts, and uncles. People don’t visit each other at their homes anymore like when I was a kid. It is a huge social thing, which includes seeing friends and colleagues too. My husband says it’s my home away from home. He’s right! The Frosty Freez has what no other restaurant in Big Timber has—a family atmosphere. And that makes you feel at HOME.”

Donna Thigpen ~ Eats here at least 3 times a week “ if I can get away with it.”

“The Freez is a place you can always go in  no matter how you look. We always come in after moving cows. We try to clean the manure off our feet so we won’t dirty the carpet, but I doubt we smell very good. The big table in the back is great to get for the whole family--usually breakfast before someone hits the road. If you want to know what’s going on (or at least the latest) men’s gossip, Table One will have it for you. The Freez is a mainstay of Big Timber. It would never be the same without it.”

Gail Burmeister ~ Favorite meal: Pizza burger and fries with Lawry’s

“Everyone associates Big Timber with the Frosty Freez and vice versa. It is the landmark where everyone knows and meets."

Hilda ~ Favorite meal: (One of them) chef salad

“Since I built it with my husband 50 years ago, [it has meant] a great deal...including the impact we had on the people that worked for us and the support from the community.”

Helen ~ Favorite meal: Biscuits and gravy

“They’re always surprising someone with a birthday treat or [buying] your meal when there’s been a sadness in the family. They are always friendly and treat you like they really enjoy their jobs. Even when they’re real busy, they always have time for some good words to make you feel better.”

Selma Gibby ~ Eats here two or three times a week

"If you did not exist, I would have a tough time keeping my son fed. Thanks for taking good care of him when I am gone at work.”

Kevin McCauley ~ Favorite meal: Grilled steak and cheese

If the Frosty Freez did not exist, “I would probably be skinny. It is an institution with a good, hometown atmosphere.”

William Littell ~ Favorite meal: Bonus burger

If the Frosty Freez did not exist, “it would be devastating. Where would I get all the news and facts? Where would we be able to see all the smiles on the help’s faces?”

Gary Smart ~ Favorite meal: Side pork, eggs (runny) and hashbrowns

If the Frosty Freez did not exist, “life would be very dull, and I would miss the good food.”

Nora Hanson ~ Favorite meal: Quarter-pound burger “loaded”